Record Number of Dogs Have Come to Us in 2017

2017 we received a record number of dogs into rescue.  Sadly 80%+ of them were over the age of 7 and 65+% were 9+ years old.  100% of the dogs needed at least some kind of vet work and 89% needed spay/neuter/dental and/or special surgeries, meds and food.  It’s apparent the economy will continue to send us mostly older and/or sickly dogs.  We are reorganizing and have found a grant writer in hopes by 2nd Quarter 2018 we can start get grants to help with vet costs.  We are so grateful to the wonderful people that have adopted all of these wonderful dogs.  All are in great homes with the exception of the 3 we took in from a breeder on 12/5/17.  They need some xtra time to gain some weight etc.

Thank you for you support.

Happy Holidays 2017!

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