Welcome to Midwest Pug Rescue

Welcome and thank you for visiting.  We have been around over 20 years helping pugs and other dogs in the midwest states of Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa areas.  We have rescued and adopted over 5,000 dogs in 25 years. We like to help non pugs when we can as well.  We are very thankful for the wonderful people that have fostered, transported, donated and espeically adopted from us.

The most recent information can be found on our Facebook page.  Please note we get mostly older dogs but we get them fixed up and they make great pets.  No dog should be homeless.

We try to have quarterly fundraisers to help with the expenses.

Please note all dogs will be completely vetted before adoption.  Because most dogs come to us needing vet work we usually have them for at least a couple of weeks.  Because of this we relay on foster homes and ALWAYS need foster homes.  There is also an “adoption fee” for each dog.  It varies from $100 for most older dogs and $300 for puppies or dogs under a year.

Thank you for considering rescuing a dog instead of buying one!

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